Fabula Amoris Photography

For adventurous couples that enjoy getting their feet dirty & hair messy

Hi there!

I am Paulien. I am the face behind Fabula Amoris Photography. Fabula Amoris is translated from Latin which means “ Love Story”.
In my work as a photographer, I combine my two favorite things in life, “Love and Nature”, based on which you will see my core values during photo shooting. Transparency, sincerity, authenticity. By being transparent, sincere, authentic, I expect you to share with me the same values during your photo shoots as this will reflect “ who you really are “ in a series of pictures.

I like to photograph your love, feelings and thoughts.  It could be love for yourself,  your partner, your loved ones or things that are close to your heart such as love for nature, adventure and travelling

Have you ever thought about turning your feelings, emotions and thoughts into pictures.  Let’s go on an adventure in nature and get to know each other. I create a relaxed, open and free ambiance and making sure that you go home with nice memories and beautiful memorable pictures.
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