About me

“And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.”

I am Paulien, born in 1993 and I love capturing stories of love. And with love I mean love for yourself, your family and your partner for example, but also love for adventure, travelling and hot chocolate with whipped cream.

During the photoshoots you get to know me; I am honest, enthusiastic, adventurous and maybe a bit crazy. By fully being me, I invite you to show your real self to me too. This results in pictures that show you at your most authentic and relaxed. I want you to look at these pictures and remember a day full of joy and adventure.

I love meeting new people. I see the best in every person I meet and I want to show you how nice, pretty and unique you are! There is no awkward posing involved in my photoshoots, we get the best results if you are just being you. Few things make me happier than receiving a message like ‘you put me at easy so much, you made me feel like I could do anything I want in life and I even think I look pretty in these pictures’.

Apart from photography and meeting new people, I have a big love for the outdoors! I am the best version of myself when I am doing a back-to-basics multiple day hike with my backpack and tent. Enjoying diner at a lake shore after a long day of hiking, folding myself in my sleeping bag and then waking up at sunrise the next morning. I love waking up together with the birds, the morning cold (ice covered vegetation!) and knowing there’s adventure waiting for me!

My biggest dream is to combine photographing lovers with travelling abroad. I’d love to explore the Scottish Highlands with a nice couple, or climbing an Alp together to watch the sun rise above the mountain tops. One day I hope to have my own camper van to go on a road trip through all beauty  Europe has to offer.

"Yesterday afternoon my boyfriend and I met with Paulien. It turned out to be a great afternoon! We went into the forest of Roden, a location Paulien knows very well. Thanks to that, she could lead us quickly to all sorts of nice spots. The atmosphere was relaxed and we laughed a lot. Therefore, the pictures became exactly that. The pictures are real and show who we are as a couple. So we are very happy with the results and recommend every couple in love to meet with Paulien for an afternoon."

"Paulien does everything to take the perfect picture. Even if that means laying flat on her belly in the mud! With lots of patience and kindness for my dogs and horses, she knows to capture their personality time after time."

"Thanks to Paulien I have beautiful pictures of my Haflinger horse Nicky. In each picture she managed to capture his fantastic personality. At each picture he looks alert, with his ears pointing forward. Finally I have pictures of the four of us, these are extra special to me! And this was not easy, since our dog is very jealous on the attention my horse gets. The photoshoot was fantastic and the pictures show that."  

"Paulien makes magic happen with her camera! While you take a relaxed walk through a nice nature area, she knows the right locations and light. Paulien is very calm and friendly towards the dogs and allows them their space. Because of how efficient she works, the dogs enjoy posing for her! The results of the photoshoot were beautiful. Paulien knows how to capture the dog. The pictures mirror the personality of the dog. I am very grateful to have these pictures of Moos."